Thursday, March 10, 2011

Youth Talent Search



24th April 2011 - Upper Penang Road (10am - 6pm)
28th April 2011 - KDU College Penang (12pm - 5pm)
3rd May 2011 - Disted College Penang (12pm - 5pm)
6th May 2011 - Red Box 1st Avenue (12 pm- 7pm)
7th May 2011 - Penang Time Square (12pm - 9pm)
8th May 2011 - Red Box Gurney Plaza (12pm - 10pm)

*Choose any location which is convenient for you to audition.


4th & 5th June 2011 - Penang Time Square (6pm - Late)

Terms & Condition

1. How long do I/we have to perform?
You are given TWO (2) minutes of set-up / preparation time and FIVE (5) minutes to perform your item. The 5-minutes starts after the 2-minutes set-up time is over, or as soon as you are ready to perform, whichever comes first.

2. How many songs/dance routine do I/we need to perform?
The presentation item must be ONE (1) continuous piece of music. It can be a medley/mash-up of different songs, but there must not be any break between the songs.

3. Can I join more than once?
You may, but it has to be a different team-member set-up. For example, you may join once as an individual/soloist performer, a second time with a partner (e.g. duet singing), a third time in a full band, and a fourth time with a dance crew. You may also perform in more than one band/crew. Kindly note that the organisers reserve the right to delay your following appearance, to allow space for other participants who are waiting for their turns. This may affect your team members' schedule, so do plan accordingly or make your next appearance in a different Audition venue! :)

4. Can I join once as a solo drummer, and again as a solo guitarist/violinist/etc.?
No. It must be a different team-member set-up. The same applies for duo/band/etc. The competition goes by WHO is performing, not what is being played/performed. You are however, encouraged to be CREATIVE in your presentation, such as swapping multiple instruments for one piece of music, mixing dance and vocals, etc.

5. Can I join once as an individual dancer and again in a group dance.
Yes, you may.

6. Do I/we need a name?
Soloists & duos are welcomed to go by their real names. Nicknames are permitted. A team with three or more members will need to provide a name for the team.

7. What is the maximum number of members allowed in this competition?
You are only allowed to have a maximum number of 7 members in your dance group or band.

8. Can I/we play two or more items?
This depends on the available time. If there are no other participants waiting for their turn, you may be invited to perform another item. However, it has to be a different item (different song/music/piece). You may NOT repeat the same performance. At the end of your performances, you will be asked to choose ONE (1) of the performed items to be uploaded for voting on Facebook. Please note that permission to perform more than one item is at absolute discretion of the organisers. Appeals will not be entertained.

9. Do I/we need to register before the Audition?
It is an open audition. This means that participants are welcomed to drop by and sign-up on the spot. However, if there is a queue building up, registered participants will be given priority for their preferred time-slot. It is better if you register early with the organizer.
10. Which Audition venue should I attend?
Feel free to choose any location/date which is convenient to you. You may only perform at one venue (unless you're playing in a different band/set-up -- refer toQuestion #3), but do come and give your support at the other venues! :)

11. Can I/we join again in different Audition venues?
If it's the same team-member, dance group, dance act or set-up, no.

12. How will the competition be judged?
There will be no judges for the Audition stage. Performances will be recorded on video and posted on Facebook for public voting. You may Share the video on your Wall and encourage friends to vote by clicking 'Like'. 25 entries with the most votes / 'Like's will qualify to proceed to the Finals stage on 4th & 5th June 2011 at Penang Times Square. The Finals will be judged by a panel of Judges based on intonation, rhythm, quality of tones, and stage presence for band and choreography, originality, synchronization, stage presence and confidence for dance. (note that the judging criteria may change)

13. What do I/we need to bring?
Each venue will be equiped with a 5-piece drumkit, 1 bass amp, 1 keyboard, 2 guitar amps, 3 vocal microphones and a CD player. Please bring your own guitars and backing tracks (if any) in regular Audio CD. Backing tracks MUST be free of the the instrument/vocal that you are performing. Dancers are allowed full song/music track. :)

14. Can I bring my own snare/cymbals/amps/keyboard?
You may, but please be reminded that you are only allowed 2 minutes of set-up time. Incomplete set-up will eat into your performance time, so we highly discourage any time-consuming changes.

15. Is there an age limit for this competition?
No, this talent search is open to all age groups.

16. Do i have to pay for this competition?
You do not have to pay for the audition round but if you are selected as the top 25 finalist to perform in Penang Time Square, you are then required to pay RM50 for processing fees.

17. How do i register early if i do not want to register on the spot?
You may send an email to Follow the format below:

Contact Number:
Individual / Group (If group, How many members?):
Email Address (preferably facebook):
Acts (Dance, Singing, Band Performance):
Choice of Audition Venue:

Once sent, pls sms your name to Chris @ 016-4329747.
*Miss calls will not be entertained*


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