Sunday, April 10, 2011

Arm Wrestling Competition

Rules and Regulations :

1. The competitors shoulders must be square to the table before the match will be started.
2. The competitors shoulders may not be less than a fist distance away from their hands at the start.
3. All starts will be a 'Ready.....Go' . The cadence will vary. 
4. Any competitor may use a riser if their belt line is below the top of the table. The competitor is responsible for placing and then returning the riser after the match.
5. To make a winning pin you must touch your opponent to the touch pad. There will be no parallel pin calls, you must be touched to lose. 
6. You may touch any part of your opponents fingers, wrist or forearm to the pad to constitute a pin. 
7. You may not, at any time, touch your body to your hand. 
8. If a competitor touches his body to his hand, and Position is Gained, there will be a restart and a foul given. 
9. If a competitor touches his body to his hand and stops the momentum of his opponent there will be a restart and a foul given.
10. If a competitor violates Rule #8 or in a DEFINITE LOSING POSITION the match will be awarded to his opponent.
11. You will forfeit the match with your third foul.
12. If a competitor intentionally opens his-her hand and a slip occurs the referee will restart the match and a foul will be given. 
13. If a competitor violates Rule #12 in a DEFINITE LOSING POSITION and the referee feels that if the competitor had not slipped that he would have been pinned, the referee will award the match to the other competitor. 
14. If the grip comes apart for whatever reason, the competitors hands will be strapped together. 
15. The competitors shoulder can not go past the center of the table. 
16. If the competitor is in a position that may hurt his arm the referee will stop the match and may award a foul. 
17. If the referee has to stop the match a second time for the 'hurt arm' position the match will be awarded to his opponent. 
18. You must start with at least one foot on the ground. After the "go" you may have both feet off the ground. 
19. You may wrap only one finger in the hand grip before the 'go'. 
20. The referee must see both competitors thumb knuckles unless both competitors agree to wave the rule. 
21. A false start is a foul. 
22. The competitors must maintain contact with the peg when the pin is made. 
23. If the competitors elbow comes out of the pocket AND HE GAINS POSITION, there will be a foul given and the referee has the option to give a restart. 
24. If the competitors elbow comes out of the pocket and NO POSITION IS GAINED, if it goes back into the pocket, the referee will give a verbal warning. 
25. If the elbow is out of the pocket when the pin is made a foul will be given and the match will be restarted. 
26. If rule #24 occurs and the elbow stays out of the pocket a foul will be given and the referee has the option to call for a restart. 
27. If the competitors elbow comes out of the pocked a second time a second foul will be given and the referee has the option to call for an additional restart. 
28. The equal pressure rule follows the line of least resistance, both competitors must agree on the pressure applied before the start. 
29. Never stop competing until the referee grabs the hands in the center signifying the end of the match. 
30. The competitors will always conduct themselves in a sportsperson like manner while at the tournament. 
31. The referee has the option to give a disciplinary foul to the competitor for any un-sports person like conduct. 
32. If the competitors cannot get a grip the referee will give the competitors a 'referees grip'. After the grip is given any movement at all will result in a foul. 


1. Left hand middle weight (below 80KG)
2. Left hand heavy weight  (more than 81KG)
3. Right hand middle weight  (below 80KG)
4. Right hand heavy weight ( more than 81KG)

(for all category)
1st Hamper worth RM300 + Medal
Hamper worth RM200 + Medal
3rd Hamper worth RM100 + Medal

4th June 2011 
1p.m. until 3p.m. ( left hand middle weight, below 80KG) , 
3-3.30p.m. (rest for 30 mins) , 
3.30p.m. until 5:30 p.m. ( right hand middle weight, below 80KG)

5th June 2011 
12p.m. until 1p.m (open for treasure hunt player),  
1p.m. until 3p.m. ( left hand heavy weight, more then 81KG) , 
3-3.30p.m. (rest for 30 mins) , 
3.30p.m. until 5:30 p.m. (right hand heavy weight, more than 81KG)

Registration Fees: RM5 each game

  • The Organizer will not be held responsibility towards any injury or misshape that arise before, during and after the event.
  • Decisions made by The Organizer are final. No protest will be entertained under any circumstances.
  • On the event date, participants MUST bring along their original IC and the payment receipt given by The Organizer to prove their identity and to claim the deposit.
  • All participants MUST also be in Penang Times Square on 05/06/2011 by 6pm for the prize presentation. Before the prize presentation, please register at the registration booth.
  • DEADLINE for register: 4th June 2011 before 11am at Penang Times Square

We will not disclose who are the winners. All participants are supposed to come 
Penang Times Square open stage area at 9pm - 11pm on the 5th June 2011 to know the result.

Payment: Bank in to CIMB Jazzada Solution 07370001936057 and 
fax 04-2815404 OR scan and send your bank slip to as a prove for participation.
Alternatively: You may submit the registration fees at Penang Times Square 
[Ground Floor, Information counter] 9th-21st May 2011, 1pm to 5pm. 
Kar Tien 016-4930359 Or Pei Ming 0175498721



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