Sunday, April 10, 2011

Animax Cosplay Competition

Date: 4th June 2011
Time: 11am to 7pm
Venue: Penang Times Square

Competition starts at 1:00PM SHARP! and 11AM - 1PM is walk around. Please take note!

General Cosplay Rules:

1. The cosplay competition is opened to everyone regardless of nationality, age or gender. Everyone is welcomed to join.

2. Participants below the age of 12 MUST have their own parent’s consent before registering for the competition. The Youth Jam Cosplay committee will automatically assume that the parent has allowed his/her child to participate and will not be held liable for any mishaps that may occur.

3. All materials (eg. Costumes, props, make up and audio) are to be prepared by the cosplayer themselves. All cosplayers are to be responsible for their own property; The Youth Jam Cosplay committee holds no responsibility towards any damages or losses during the event.

4. For the safety of everyone who will be attending the event, no volatile/explosive/toxic/radioactive/reactive/corrosive/easily flammable substances are allowed. Dangerous weapons that may bring harm to others are forbidden as well. Nerf guns are allowed but please do not fire at the public or anyone while on stage and at all times during the event. Usage of real weapons will result in immediate disqualification.

5. Acts that include non-solid particles (eg. Water, fake blood) and small messy objects (eg. Confetti, flash paper) are strictly banned.

6. Please do not show up partially clothed and/or nude. Anyone who does so will not be allowed access.

7. Please do not use any obscenities, foul languages and rude hand signs at all times during the event. Poses that require extreme bodily contacts that suggest sexual behaviors is a strictly not allowed, including any kind of sexual fetishes related poses.

8. Photographers are not allowed to stalk or to take any cosplayer’s picture without their consent or permission. The cosplayer has the right to refuse any photo shooting requests made by any photographer. Photo shooting in the washrooms are strictly disallowed.

9. Under NO circumstances are cosplayers allowed to enter the changing room or washrooms of the opposite gender.

10. Cosplay at your own risk. The Youth Jam committee will not be responsible for any damage or harm done to cosplayers or their props. Cosplayers are to be responsible for their own safety.

11. The Youth Jam Cosplay committee has the right to withdraw the participation rights of any cosplayer if they are found breaking the rules. A grace period of 2 minutes will be given for cosplayers late for their performance.

12. Prizes will be forfeited if the cosplayers are not present at the prize giving ceremony. No appeals will be entertained.

13. The Youth Jam Cosplay committee may record or photograph participating contestants' act/performance at its discretion. Entry into this competition constitutes an agreement by the participants to allow the Youth Jam Cosplay committee to use their photographs, video and the like in any current/future advertisement, promotion or product.

Cosplay competition rules and regulations:

1. The cosplay competition will be held on the 1st day of the event (4th June 2011).

2. If the cosplayer (solo/group) requires music during his/her performance, he/she is required to submit an audio CD that contains the song that he/she requires during his/her performance at the registration booth on the day itself before the competition starts. Kindly attach/upload the song somewhere (mediafire/megaupload) or attach in the email when submitting the registration form to . For cosplayers joining the group category, only the leader is required to register his/her group.

3. The cosplay competition is split into two categories: Solo and Group.

4. Cosplayers are allowed to cosplay any character from the following genre:

• Anime

• Manga

• Games

• Movies

• J-pop/rock (with specific title)

5. Original cosplays are not allowed.

6. For the preliminary round of the solo competition, participants are required to do whatever they feel befits the manner of the character they are cosplaying. Participants are encouraged to portray their character’s signature move/style/pose/personality. 3 poses are required.

7. 10 finalists from the solo category will then be selected by the judges and they will be tested again in the final round to see how well they can stay in character.

8. For cosplayers joining the group category, a skit/performance will be required. The judges will then judge accordingly.

9. The time limit for the solo cosplayer’s performance is 2 minutes. The time limit for the group cosplayer’s performance is 4 minutes.

10. There are 6 prizes to be won in total in the Best Solo Cosplayer and Best Group Cosplayers category. They are the first prize, runner up and second runner up.

11. The judges' decision is final. No appeals will be entertained.

Registration Fees:

1. The registration fees will cost RM10 per cosplayer. (For cosplayers joining in the group category, = amount of members x RM10). A refund of RM5 will be given on the 4th of June when the cosplayers register themselves at the registration table.

Award: Prizes worth of RM 3,000 (USD 1,000)  ups for grabs and a chance to be on Animax Astro !

1stVideo Cam, USB speaker, Fairytail Mug, Gundam figurine, iPhone cover
2ndUSB speaker, Fairytail Mug, Gundam Figurine, iPhone Cover
3rdUSB speaker, Fairytail Mug, iPhone Cover

1st5 FMAB lanyard, 3 Umbrella, 3 Notebook, 3 Eva stickers, 
3 Fairytail pokers, 9 Blu-ray, 3 DVD
2nd5 FMAB lanyard, 3 Umbrella, 3 Notebook, 3 Eva stickers, 
3 Fairytail pokers, 9 Blu-ray
3rd5 FMAB lanyard, 3 Umbrella, 3 Notebook, 3 Eva stickers, 
3 Fairytail pokers, 6 Blu-ray

We will not disclose who are the winners. All participants are supposed to come 
Penang Times Square open stage area at 9pm - 11pm to know the result.

Payment: Bank in to CIMB Jazzada Solution 07370001936057 and 
fax 04-2815404 OR scan and send your bank slip to as a prove for participation.
Alternatively: You may submit the registration fees at Penang Times Square 
[Ground Floor, Information counter] 9th- 30th May 2011, 1pm to 5pm. 
contact: Kar Tien 016-4930359



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