Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exabytes Best Youth Website / Blog Award (starts 5th May 2011)

Exabytes is searching for an outstanding youth with the best website and blog creation.

Rules & Regulations:

a. Participants are required to choose any of the three category to participate in:
i. Best Content Award
ii. Best Food Blog Award
iii. Best Design Blog Award

b. Participants are given an option to write a post with the title “Benefits of using a personal domain for blogs” or “What can I do if I have a personal blog domain”. However, extra credits will be given to those with the post.

c. Blogs participated are encouraged to be content-full, creative and suites the category of the participated category.

d. All blog entries will be judged by representatives from Exabytes and Penangyouth.com, against the following criteria:
i. Originality
ii. Consistency with content purposes with social value
iii. Quality and designs (include standard compliance)

e. Plagiarizer will be disqualified at once.

f. Exabytes and Penangyouth.com reserve the rights to reject or not to post any submission that reasonably appears to breach any of these rules.


    1. Best Content Award: RM500 + Exabytes 2 Year Xstudent Hosting For Free
    2. Best Food Blog Award: RM500 + Exabytes 2 Year Xstudent Hosting For Free
    3. Best Design Blog Award: RM500 + Exabytes 2 Year Xstudent Hosting For Free

We will not disclose who are the winners. All participants are supposed to come Penang Times Square open stage area at 9pm - 11pm on 5th June 2011 to know the result.


IF YOU HAVE PROBLEM REGISTERING ABOVE, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY EMAIL jazz@penangyouth.com AND engsengloh@penangyouth.com . We will attend to you IMMEDIATELY. Or call Jazz Tan at 0164157022


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