Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Redbox Drawing Competition

  • Theme: Redbox Empowering Penang Youth
  • Venue: Penang Times Square
  • Date: 4th June 2011  
  • Time: 12pm 
  • Registration fee: RM5 per person
  • Time given: 3 hours
  • Participant(s) MUST prepared OWN material.
  • The drawing paper (130gsm Art Paper) will be provided by The Organizer.
  • The Organizer will not be held responsibility towards any injury or misshape that arise before, during and after the event.
  • Decisions made by The Organizer are final. No protest will be entertained under any circumstances.
  • On the event date, participants MUST bring along their original IC and the payment receipt given by The Organizer to prove their identity and to claim the deposit.
  • All participants MUST be in Penang Times Square on 04/06/2011 by 11am.
  • The DEADLINEfor register: 30th May 2011
  • Participant will be judge on: 1. Creativity - 35%, 2. Clear communication of layout & color - 25% , 3. Practical skill - 25%, 4. Theme - 15%

1st-RM300 + Hampers + National Cert
Red Box Party Package 15pax
2nd-RM200 + Hampers + National Cert
Red Box Party Package 10pax
3rd-RM100 + Hampers + National Cert
Red Box Party Package 5pax

We will not disclose who are the winners. All participants are supposed to come 
Penang Times Square open stage area at 9pm - 11pm to know the result.

Payment: Bank in to CIMB Jazzada Solution 07370001936057 and fax 04-2815404 OR scan and send your bank slip to jazz@penangyouth.com as a prove for participation.
Alternatively: You may submit the registration fees at Penang Times Square 
[Ground Floor, Information counter] 9th-30th May 2011, 1pm to 5pm. 
contact: Kar Tien 016-4930359

For more information please contact: Kar Tien 016-4930359
Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=131127376959921



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