Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Love Malaysia" Public Speaking Challenge

Ideas are essential in creating a knowledgeable world-class society which Malaysia strives to be. Being the future community leaders, the voices of the youth reflect their aspirations and ideals for the development of Malaysia and the world. Realizing the importance of youth as an agent for societal improvement, Penang Youth Jam 2011 seeks to provide an opportunity for secondary school students to contribute their ideas and discourse key current issues from their perspectives with the inaugural Youth Jam 2011 “Love Malaysia” Public Speaking Challenge. It is a one-of-a-kind challenge that combines elocution, impromptu speech and debate to enhance the public speaking abilities of its participants. 

This competition aims to:
  1. Challenge the worldview of the participants on issues pertaining to social and economical improvements and generating sound and practical solutions for the future,
  2. provide a platform for students to develop their public presentation skills and leadership confidence,
  3. become a channel for youths to present their views and solutions on important issues to community and state leaders,and
  4. promote the learning of the English Language in line with the Government’s aim of enhancing the level of English among school students.

       7th May  (8.30am - 3.30pm) Preliminary & Final

All confirmed participants are to present a six (6) minute speech on the following topics in the preliminary round:

“Towards A Sustainable Penang:  How can we achieve this goal?”

“Ke Arah Pulau Pinang Lestari: Pada pendapat anda, bagaimanakah kita boleh merealisasikan matlamat ini?”


  1. Participants are NOT ALLOWED to use visual aid in their speeches.
  2. While we encourage freedom of expression, participants should not discuss sensitive issues which may offend King and country, race, religion, culture and political or non-political organizations. Foul language is strictly prohibited.
  3. Participants are to use either English Language or Bahasa Melayu only, depending on their category of participation, in their speeches. Colloquial language (Bahasa Rojak) is disallowed.
  4. Participants should not insult any members of the organizing committee, sponsors or audience in their speeches.
        *Failure to abide the rules will result in automatic disqualification.*

Participation Fee: RM 5.00
Payment via deposit to CIMB 07370001936057 - Jazzada Solution
Do bring the bank slip as a prove for participation

Closing date for registration is 26th April 2011. Fresh entries after the date will not be considered. 

For more info please contact Joshua +6016 407 0266 @ joshua711@gmail.com / Darren +6016 488 9795 @ darrenjzlim@gmail.com



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