Saturday, February 19, 2011

Youth Jam'11 Event

APRIL 2011
15th (5pm-7pm) -Financial Youth Conference
16th (10am-6pm) -Youth Technology Impact In Rural Areas

MAY 2011
5th -Sony Blogger Fest
5th -Exabyte Best Youth Wesite/Blog Award
5th -Graphic Design Competition
14th (whole day) -BarCamp
20th (3pm-5pm) -3R: Trash to Treasure Project
20th (5.30pm-7pm) -Cyber Crime Law Workshop

JUNE 2011
The Penang Youth Jam'11 Inter School Debate Competition (KDU college)
Finale Leading up to Youth Jam'11 (4th & 5th at Penang Times Square)

4th (10am-10pm)
Young Entrepreneur Bazaar + Food Fair
Photography Competition
Rubik Competition
Cheerleading Showcase
Sony Dance Fair
3 on 3 Streetball Challenge
3R Competition
Drawing Competition
Astro Animax Cosplay Competition
DJ workshop
T-shirt Design Competition
Graffiti Competition
Youth Talent Search

5th (10am-10pm)
Young Entrepreneur Bazaar + Food Carnival
Photography Competition
Rubik Competition
Treasure Hunt
Arm Wrestling Competition
Secret Recipe Eating Competition
Dance Competition
Graphic Design Competition
Drink Competition
Pen Spining Showcase
Beatbox Showcase
Opening Stage
Prize Presentation


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